David Kimes

Hall of Fame

Date of birth:



Coalinga, California

Olympic Experience:

  • 1980 Olympian


David began shooting at age twelve with his father. From there, he progressed to the rifle team at the University of California, Berkeley, and was two-time All-American. After graduating, David was drafted into the Army and during basic training set the record for the M14 rifle qualification at Fort Ord. David is a four-time National Champion and back-to-back two-time World Champion shooter with a world record both times. He shot with the Army International Rifle Team, making the World Shooting Championship Team in 1966.

After his discharge from the Army, David shot with the United States Army Reserve International Rifle Team for over twenty years; he qualified for the World Shooting Championship Team a total of six times and made the 1980 US Olympic Team – winning the tryouts in his rifle event.

He has been a shooting coach for wounded warriors at the Warrior Games; by incorporating visualization and mental management/rehearsal he helped the Navy team bring home 38 medals at the 2015 Warrior Games.

Competition Highlights:

  • 1974 World Championships Gold Medalist
  • 1978 World Championships Team Gold
  • 1978 World Championships Gold Medalist, Team Silver, and Team Gold
  • 1982 World Championships Team Silver
  • 1986 World Championships Team Silver