In her World Cup Final debut, Sagen Maddalena (Groveland, California) wins her first “Golden Target” at 2021 ISSF Rifle/Pistol President’s Cup, earning her the title, “Best Athlete of the Year” in the Women’s Rifle 50m 3-Position discipline. Maddalena also won gold in the Mixed Team Rifle 50m 3-Position event with Hungarian shooter, Istvan Peni. The top 96 rifle/pistol athletes in the world competed in eight individual and six team events, using new rules in a test format outlined by the ISSF.

Mary Tucker (Sarasota, Florida) proved her dominance once again at this pinnacle event capturing individual silver and bronze medals in both rifle events. She kicked off her events with a bronze in Women’s 10m Air Rifle. Tucker went head-to-head in the Women’s Rifle 50m 3-Position event with Maddalena where she won silver. Prior to the start of competition, Tucker was ranked seventh, and Maddalena fifth in the 50m 3-Position event.
Lucas Kozeniesky is also returning home with a bronze medal in the Mixed Team 10m Air Rifle event with Hungarian shooter, Eszter Meszaros. Kozeniesky and Tucker teamed up in Tokyo to capture the first ever Olympic Silver Medal in the Mixed Team Air Rifle event.

All seven USA Shooting made their debut at this year’s World Cup Final (Will Shaner, Lucas Kozeniesky, Mary Tucker, Ali Weisz, Sagen Maddalena, Nick Mowrer, and Lexi Lagan) making it the largest rifle/pistol team invited to compete, and they are also returning home with the highest total medal count out of all countries present.